After spending a week on the road and at cocoa farm, my colleague and I decided to visit her parents hometown, Bira, located on the southern tip of the South Sulawesi province. One of the reasons to head down south was that by the end of our rainy and muggy days in Luwu Utara, we were pretty much sun depraved and the rumors said that the sun is almost always around in Bira.

Other than the need to get some sun, my colleague had been sharing stories of her family who are mostly fisherman, seamen and boat builders. This sparked a curiosity about fisherman and how their communities deal with the changes in weather and how it affects their income. In my previous experience researching fisherman in Cirebon, West Java, and in Muara Karang, Jakarta (this research was also done when I was working at Grameen Foundation).

More parts of the story are coming up. Stay tuned.